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Privacy Policy

This document is considered an electronic record as per the Information Technology Act of 2000, including the applicable rules and amended provisions relating to electronic records in various statutes that have been amended by the Information Technology Act of 2000. This electronic record is produced by a computer system and does not necessitate any physical or digital signatures.


By using the Website "" you acknowledge and agree that we collect and store your personal information, as provided by you from time to time. Our primary purpose for doing so is to provide you with a safe, efficient, smooth, and customized experience. This enables us to offer services and features that are tailored to your needs and preferences, and to optimize our Website for a better and more secure user experience.

Please note that once you disclose your personal information to us, you are no longer anonymous to us. We strive to indicate which fields of information are required and which are optional, but you always have the option to not provide information by choosing not to use a particular service or feature on the Website.

Your personal information may be shared among TutorKIDS and its affiliates, and used in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We may also automatically track certain information about you, based on your behaviour on the Website, such as your demographics, interests, and behaviour. This information is collected and analyzed on an aggregated basis to help us better understand, protect, and serve our users. This may include information such as the URL you accessed prior to visiting our Website, the URL you visit after leaving our Website, your computer browser information, and your IP address.

By accessing and using the Website, you consent to the collection, storage, and use of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not use the Website.

How we use your personal information

  • The personal information we collect allows us to keep you posted on TutorKIDS' latest product announcements, offers, and upcoming events.

  • We also use personal information to help us create, develop, operate, deliver, and improve our products, services, content, and advertising, and for loss prevention and anti-fraud purposes.

  • We may use your personal information, including your date of birth, to verify identity, assist with the identification of users, and determine appropriate services.

  • From time to time, we may use your personal information to send important notices, such as communications about purchases and changes to our terms, conditions, and policies. Please note as this information is important to your interaction with TutorKIDS', you may not opt out of receiving these communications.

  • We may also use personal information for internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis, and research to improve our products, services, and customer communications.

We also gather information in a way that doesn't allow us to directly link it to any particular individual. This non-personal data may be collected, utilized, shared, and disclosed for any legitimate reason. To provide some context, here are a few illustrations of the non-personal information we collect and its potential applications:

  • We may collect information such as occupation, language, zip code, area code, referrer URL, location, and the time zone where TutorKIDS product and/or service is used so that we can better understand customer behavior and improve our products, services, and advertising.

  • We may collect and store details of how you use our services, including search queries. This information may be used to improve the relevancy of results provided by our services. Except in limited instances to ensure the quality of our services over the Internet, such information will not be associated with your IP address.

  • With your explicit consent, we may collect data about how you use your device and applications in order to help app developers improve their apps.

If we do combine non-personal information with personal information the combined information will be treated as personal information for as long as it remains combined.

A cookie is a small piece of data that a web server stores on a web browser and later retrieves from that browser. Cookies are valuable because they allow the browser to remember specific information about a user. We utilize both permanent and temporary cookies on your computer's hard drive. These cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information.

At TutorKIDS, we use various data collection devices such as cookies on specific pages of our website to analyze trends, administer the site, learn about user behavior, improve our products and services, measure promotional effectiveness, and gather demographic information about our user base as a whole. This information may be used in our marketing and advertising services to enhance trust and safety.

Additionally, in some of our email messages, we may use a "click-through URL" that directs customers to content on our website via a separate web server. We track this click-through data to gauge interest in particular topics and measure the effectiveness of our customer communications.

Cookies are small files that we place on your hard drive to assist us in providing our services. We offer certain features that can only be accessed by using a cookie. Cookies can also help you enter your password less frequently during a session and provide targeted information based on your interests. Most cookies are "session cookies," meaning they are automatically deleted from your hard drive at the end of a session. If your browser permits, you may decline our cookies, although this may prevent you from using certain features on our website and require you to enter your password more frequently during a session.

TutorKIDS may, at times, share personal information with its strategic partners who assist in providing products and services or aid in marketing to customers. When you purchase products or services from TutorKIDS, you authorize the exchange of information you provided during the activation process to facilitate the service. The sharing of personal information is solely for the purpose of improving and providing our products, services, and advertising, and not for any marketing purposes with third parties.

Collection and use of non-personal information

Cookies and other Technologies 

Disclosure to third parties

Service Providers

TutorKIDS discloses personal information to third-party service providers who facilitate various functions such as information processing, order fulfillment, product delivery, customer data management, and enhancement, as well as customer research and satisfaction surveys. We ensure that these companies are committed to safeguarding your information and have an obligation to protect it.

TutorKIDS may need to disclose your personal information under certain circumstances. This could be due to legal obligations, such as requests from government authorities, litigation, or other legal processes, both within or outside your country of residence. In some cases, we may also determine that disclosure is necessary or appropriate for national security, law enforcement, or other issues of public importance.

Furthermore, we may need to disclose your information if we determine that it is reasonably necessary to enforce our terms and conditions or to protect our operations or users. If TutorKIDS undergoes a reorganization, merger, or sale, we may transfer any personal information we have collected to the relevant third party.

TutorKIDS provides a seamless experience for you to ensure that your personal information remains accurate, complete, and up-to-date. We will keep your personal information only for as long as required to fulfill the purposes as stated in our Privacy Policy, unless there is a legal requirement or permission to retain it for a longer period.

To ensure the accuracy and completeness of your contact information and preferences, we recommend logging in to your account and verifying the details. For any other personal information we hold, we are happy to provide you with access for any purpose, including the ability to request corrections to inaccurate data or the deletion of information that we are not required by law or legitimate business purposes to retain. However, please note that we may not be able to process requests that are frivolous, vexatious, or pose a risk to the privacy of others. Additionally, we may be unable to fulfill requests that are extremely impractical or not required by local law.​

TutorKIDS and its licensees may collect, use, and share precise location data, which includes the real-time geographic location of your computer or device, in order to offer location-based services on their products. To determine your device's approximate location, location-based services may use GPS, Bluetooth, your IP Address, crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot, and other similar technologies. This location data is collected anonymously, and unless you give your consent, it will not personally identify you. TutorKIDS and its licensees use this data to provide and enhance location-based products and services. For instance, if you choose to use an application provider's location services, your device may share its geographic location with them.

At TutorKIDS, we may provide links to third-party websites, products, and services through our website, products, and services. Additionally, our offerings may involve the use of third-party products or services, such as location data or contact information. It's important to note that the privacy practices of these third-party providers will apply when using their products or services. Therefore, we recommend that you take the time to understand and review the privacy practices of these third parties to ensure that you are comfortable with their policies.

To make sure your personal information is secure, we communicate our privacy and security guidelines to all TutorKIDS employees and strictly enforce privacy safeguards within the company.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding TutorKIDS' Privacy Policy or data processing, or if you believe that your local privacy laws have been breached and you would like to make a complaint, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact details on our website.

We take all such communications seriously and will respond to them as soon as possible. If you are not satisfied with our response, you have the option to refer your complaint to the relevant regulator in your jurisdiction. We can also provide you with information about relevant complaint avenues if you request it.

Please note that TutorKIDS may make changes to its Privacy Policy from time to time. If there are any material changes to the policy, we will post a notice on our website along with the updated Privacy Policy.

Access,Integrity and Retention of Personal Information

Location based & Third Party Sites and Services

Privacy Questions

Intellectual Property Rights

All the content presented on this website is the exclusive property of TutorKIDS -Hybrid Tuition Center, unless otherwise specified. The copyright of the content on the site, as well as the site itself, is and will remain solely owned by TutorKIDS -Hybrid Tuition Center, including registered and non-registered copyright. The trade name and domain name of this site are also owned by TutorKIDS -Hybrid Tuition Center. Any marks, logos, or designs used on this site are and will always be owned by TutorKIDS -Hybrid Tuition Center. Both registered and non-registered trademarks are the sole property of TutorKIDS -Hybrid Tuition Center. If any visitor makes changes to the content provided, any resulting intellectual property rights will also belong to TutorKIDS -Hybrid Tuition Center. By submitting content to this site, visitors grant a royalty-free, exclusive, and transferable right to TutorKIDS -Hybrid Tuition Center. TutorKIDS -Hybrid Tuition Center is not obligated to post or use any user content and may remove any user content at its sole discretion. No compensation will be provided for the use of user content uploaded by visitors.

This website may include links to other websites, videos, photographs, or articles for convenience. TutorKIDS -Hybrid Tuition Center is not responsible for the content of linked sites and makes no representations about the accuracy or correctness of the content on such websites. If you decide to access linked websites, videos, photographs, or articles, you do so at your own risk. Additionally, other websites may provide links to this website, but such links do not imply that the objectives, aims, purposes, or concepts of these other websites are the same as TutorKIDS -Hybrid Tuition Center's. We are not liable for any representations made by such websites while providing links. If any other website provides derogatory links to our website, appropriate civil or criminal remedies will be invoked. Prior written consent is required to create a link to any page on this website, and any links created are at your own risk, subject to the exclusions and limitations outlined above.

TutorKIDS - Hybrid Tuition Center and its officers, directors, employees, agents, or affiliates shall not be held liable for any form of damages, including but not limited to consequential, incidental, direct, indirect, special, punitive, or any other damages arising from the subscription agreement or the use of any service. Such damages may include loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or any other form of pecuniary loss. Even if TutorKIDS - Hybrid Tuition Center has been informed about the possibility of such damages, they shall not be held responsible.

These terms and conditions of this website are governed by the laws of India, and any matters arising from the usage of this website shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Noida (Gautam Buddha Nagar). This is subject to the aforementioned statement.


Limitation of Liability

Governing Law

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