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Asked Questions
By Parents

TutorKIDS-Hybrid Tuition Center offers offline & Online tuition for students in grades 1st to 12th at our franchised center. We believe that having a strong foundation in the fundamental concepts learned in the earlier grades is crucial for success in the higher grades.

Will the tutoring sessions be online or offline?

TutorKIDS-Hybrid Tuition Center offers the best of both worlds by providing students with face-to-face tuition classes at physical centers while also providing online guidance from top teachers across India.

What is the number of teaching days in a week?

TutorKIDS-Hybrid Tuition Center is pleased to offer 6 days of in-person instruction, with our expert teachers providing 2 hours of engaging classes per day in your local area.

What is the number of subjects that will be covered in the tuition center?

TutorKIDS-Hybrid Tuition Center offers comprehensive instruction in four key subjects: English, Maths, Science, and Social Studies.

Is the TutorKIDS-Hybrid Tuition Center aligned with the school syllabus and curriculum?

Yes, the programs are personalised for students as per the school syllabus.

TutorKIDS-Hybrid Tuition Center will assist students in completing their school homework?

At TutorKIDS-Hybrid Tuition Center, we allocate a 30-minute daily session for students to complete their school homework.

What is the total number of subject teachers that will be present at the tuition center?

TutorKIDS-Hybrid Tuition Center will ensure that each subject is taught by a dedicated teacher, specifically assigned to that particular subject.

Will the child have access to recorded video lectures for support?

TutorKIDS' mobile app and web link offer a comprehensive range of recorded video lectures covering every topic for each subject.

Where can I track my child's progress?

Parents can easily monitor their child's progress by logging into the app using their parent login credentials. The app provides an AI-generated progress report for each child, which can be accessed by simply switching to their profile. This enables parents to conveniently track their child's development and ensure that they are meeting their academic milestones.

What is unique about the TutorKIDS teaching method?

In TutorKIDS learning center students of class 1st to 8th will learn the school syllabus based on concept and skill analysis. 

What TutorKIDS will be doing fo skills of the kids?

Students will be taught on the basis of Blooms Taxonomy. Our teacher will focus to improve the six learning skills of every child. 

What extra TutorKIDS is providing for growth of the students?

Along with the regular teaching TutorKIDS offering Additional Skill Enhancing Courses & Experiential Learning Tools!

Which additional Courses TutorKIDS is offering?

Along with skill and concept based teaching we are offering, Abacus  & Vedic math, Memory Sciences & Creative Skills, Speed reading & writing, Financial literacy  & AR-VR.

Refund Policy ?

We are providing FREE trial classes to students and fee is paid monthly so there is no provision of refund for Tuition Classes.  

Frequently Asked Questions By Franchise Partner

How Many Franchise options are offered?

TutorKIDS-Hybrid Tuition Center is offering three Franchise Plans. 

1-Emerald- For Tier 1 & 2 cities- Total investment required to start is up 8 lakh.

2-Spphire-  For Tier 3 & 4 cities- Total investment required to start is up 5 lakh.

3-Rubey- Applicable for any city, to upgrade small tuition center to hybrid model

                Total investment required to upgrade normal tuition- 3 lakh.

How much a Franchise partner can earn?

TutorKIDS-Hybrid Tuition Center varies as per the franchise plan. 

1-Emerald- Tuition fee Rs.18000+GST for 10 months- Average earning can be +80 thousand per month.

2-Spphire-  Tuition fee Rs.12000+GST for 10 months- Average earning can be +40 thousand per month.

3-Rubey- Tuition fee Rs.9000 to Rs.18000+GST for 10 months- Average earning can be +30 thousand                       per month.

What will a franchise partner get against the franchise fee? 

TutorKIDS offering material and services against the total franchise fee amount. So No franchise fee for now!

Can a Pre-School re-use its infrastructure and staff in the evening? 

Yes, any Pre-School can re-use its resources for 2 hours in the evening and can start the center with an investment of 6 lakh only.

Which type of support a franchise partner will get related to customer and customer satisfaction?

TutorKIDS-Hybrid Tuition Center keeps 100% handholding for comprehensive business setup and ongoing support for a successful venture. We assure Guaranteed Admission Support & Guaranteed Growth of students* with our few franchise plans.

Is Franchise partner have to pay the Franchise Fee in one time?

Franchise Partner don't need to pay the all amount in one time. Franchise partner can pay total amount in  5 instalments for Emerald and Sapphire plans.

How franchise partner will come to know about the services & material against the franchise fee?

Franchise partner will get printed materials along with the Interactive Flat Panel and other center setup materials.

For digital & social media marketing franchise partner will receive the campaign reports.

What will be the Royalty ?

TutorKIDS will charge 20% Royalty against its regular services to the franchise center. 

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