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About Us

Transforming future of tuition center by tech-enabled classrooms

TutorKids-Hybrid Tuition Centers is an initiative of a group of educators to propel quality education at affordable rates via easy accessibility. We are planning to set up many Hybrid Tuition Centers franchises in different cities across India. While our aim is to provide hybrid tuition classes that help students score well in academics. We also prioritize the development of critical thinking and concept-building of the students.

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Vision & Mission

At Tutorkids-Hybrid Tuition Centre, we realise the need of creating a solid educational foundation in a student's early years. We also recognise the importance of digital education support in assisting students to learn effectively in today's society. That is why we developed a one-of-a-kind hybrid learning paradigm that blends the best of both worlds: offline teaching and online learning.

Regardless of their location, our strategy provides students with access to qualified teachers from Kota, Delhi, and Bangalore. We offer personalised attention and advice through face-to-face interactive lessons taught by topic teachers and online interactive classes taught by renowned subject experts. This guarantees that each student receives personalised attention and a well-rounded learning experience.

As a result, our franchise model is intended to broaden our reach and deliver high-quality education to students in rural areas. We can make a difference in the lives of many people by collaborating with local educators who share our vision of providing a quality education to every student.

We think that education is a transformative tool that can alter people's lives at Tutorkids-Hybrid Tuition Centre. Our distinct hybrid learning methodology provides students with a personalised learning experience, ensuring they have the skills and information required to flourish in their academic careers and beyond. We are devoted to providing each student with a thorough and personalised learning experience that will assist them in achieving academic excellence and preparing for a bright future.

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Let their imagination be creative!

Founder's Message!

At TutorKIDS Hybrid Tuition Center we are focusing on students, to enhance their skills for guaranteed growth in regular classes and to become successful in life.

For this, we are mapping the students' regular studies with their learning skills which helps them choose the right subject & stream after passing class 8th.

The USP of the Tutorkids is to groom the child for his guaranteed growth based on learning skills and clarity of the concepts.

You will understand the importance of studies till class 8th. more by the fact that the class 1st to 8th syllabus covers 65% of the total concepts taught in the syllabus of class 1st to 12th.

So if a child is not guided in the proper way during his basic education he will face difficulty in learning after class 8th. 

Ramesh Chandra(CEO)

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