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Empowering skills through hybrid learning.....

Welcome to Our Hybrid Tuition Center

Offline Classes + Online Learning

Hybrid Learning


Our aim is to transform the future of learning through AI bases tech-enabled classrooms in physical tuition centers.



"Start Your Business With"
India's Most Innovative Tuition Center

Start Your Own Educational Franchise 


Start your own Educational Franchise Business with a small investment -Starting from 3 lacs.

Guaranteed Growth in each & every child

Face-to-face tuition classes by the subject teacher at Hybrid Tuition Centre and online tuition classes by top subject experts from the country

Four Subject physical classes 6 days in week.

Digital classroom technology for audio-visual learning in tuition classes.
Doubt resolution & school H.W. covered by the subject teacher in tuition classes.
High-quality concept & problem-solving video lessons in mobile app.
Online tuition Classes by the top subject experts of the country.
Subjective & Objective assessments to find gaps.
AI-driven software generated graphical monitoring report for every child.

The TutorKids Hybrid Tuition Centre Advantage 

Grooming the child with guaranteed growth based on learning skills and clarity of the concepts.


Personalized attention & syllabus

Teaching Pattern

Subject Covered

H.W. & Doubt Clearing

Students Growth Report

Students growth in the class & skills

Group/Home Tuitions

Single teacher teaching students of different classes & schools in the same batch in home tuition.

Personalized attention is hard to achieve in a batch with students of different classes regular tuition classes

Traditional copy-pen method

All subjects taught by a single teacher in home tuition & online tuition.

Most of the time, the tuition teacher just helps the child to complete the school H.W.  Doubts remain unsolved in a crowded class

Parents don’t get updates on their child’s progress from tuition near them.

TutorKids Hybrid Tuition Center

Class-wise batches with a dedicated teacher to enhance student's skills for guaranteed growth in regular classes.

Proper teaching is done by the subject teacher where student's regular studies mapped with their learning skills.

Tech-enabled digital classes, followed by the concept and problem-solving recorded video lectures in mobile app.

Dual Teacher Benefit 

Student will learn from our trained tuition teachers followed by online tuition by subject experts from renowned schools in India.

A extra time to complete the school H.W. and Instant doubt resolution is done by the subject teacher.     

Parents will get graphical report which ensures growth of child based on the conceptual learning and skill analysis

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